• Hostel Facilities:

    Hostel facilities are provided in the college premises seperately for Boys & Girls.

  • Mess Facilities:

    Hygienic food facilities are provided in the college premises & mess facilities are also provided in the hostel.

  • Library Facilities:

    The college has a rich collection of foreign & indian editions of books in Nursing subjects, Nursing Journals, Indian & Foreign Periodicals & Audio Visual aids.

  • Nursing Laboratories:

    The College has developed following Nursing Labs-

    1. Fundamental of Nursing
    2. Community Health Nursing
    3. Anatomy - Phisiology
    4. Nutrition
    5. Computer
    6. Maternal & Child Health
  • Extra Curricular Activities:

    To encourage all round development of students, opportunities are provided for co-curricular activities. Also participate in sports, cultural activities etc. at College level/ Inter college / State level competitions.

  • Discipline:

    All students have to abide the rules of the College & Hostel.